KENDAL Town FC chairman Haydon Munslow expects a tangible improvement to the club’s financial position now the Mintcakes have assumed control of the clubhouse at Parkside Road.

Negotiations over clubhouse occupancy have been successfully concluded with Parkside (Kendal) Ltd, meaning the clubhouse passes over to the club’s direct control with immediate effect.

And after a long legal wrangle, Munslow is pleased to be in a situation whereby a new income stream for the club can be developed.

“I am delighted to conclude this deal which is an important part of our football club’s progress,” he said.

“We’ve been talking to Parkside (Kendal) Ltd for three years trying to find a mutually acceptable exit settlement and a deal has now been reached and agreed by all parties.

“From now on the revenue we create from the use of our clubhouse, including the proceeds from the bar sales, will go directly into improving stadium facilities and supporting the various playing teams.

“It’s been difficult since 2010 as up until that point the club was being paid rent from Parkside (Kendal) Ltd but that ceased and the football club didn’t have the ability to replace it.

“Perhaps not in the short-term but certainly in the medium it gives the club the opportunity of an additional and significant income stream which we haven’t had.”

The stadium at Parkside Road is owned by The Clark Foundation and leased to South Lakeland District Council.

The members of the football club hold an extended under-lease with South Lakeland District Council for the whole stadium, including the pitch, stand, changing rooms, clubhouse building and other site structures.

And following the return of the clubhouse to the club’s control, Munslow certainly believes there is scope to increase the club’s playing budget in the months ahead.

“We’re a not-for-profit club so no individual will profit from any increase in income, it will all go straight back into the club,” he added.

“Although this deal will not affect things this Saturday or next, we can be optimistic about next season’s playing budget.

“Hopefully by August we’ll be in a much stronger position to earn more income for the club and therefore spend more money on our playing budget.”

So with the club’s future off the pitch on a sounder footing, Munslow is also confident of a bright future on it.

“I’m pleased with our progress this season,” he said.

“We had to get over the unexpected resignation of Steve Edmondson but Dave Foster has done very well and is now creating a squad which will challenge.

“We’re not accepting the status quo, our intention is to get back into the Premier Division and the goal was always to be there or thereabouts at the end of this season.

“It would be nice to think we could make the play-offs and we’ll do our best to support Dave in achieving that.”