TEAM Scotland’s Jack Pullar insists it is business as usual and he will be doing nothing different in the final weeks of training before the Commonwealth Games start in earnest.

Qualifying through his father, the 24-year-old Starley Primal rider will represent Scotland at the upcoming Games and form part of the six-man road race cycling team.

The road race is one of the final events of the Games and since his selection, Pullar has tweaked little in his daily routine and finished 16th in his most recent race – the Stockton Velo29-Altura GP.

With the lanes around Bolton-le-Sands set to give way to the open competition roads of Glasgow in the not too distant future, Pullar is adamant the status quo will remain until the showpiece event.

“I will be doing nothing out of the ordinary and will just be training how I do normally – I wouldn’t really want to change anything at this late stage and will be keeping it pretty standard,” he said.

“In fact nothing much has changed in recent weeks. Training has been pretty standard and I’ve done one Premier Calendar race which is just something I normally do. I came 16th which is an average finish for me.

“I cannot really do anything different at this time of year which is likely to make a difference as it takes a few weeks to bed something new in.

“It’s just a case of maintaining freshness and keeping at the top of my game.

“My training tends to vary on a weekly basis depending on whether it’s an easy week or whether it’s more intense with a few races.

“Heading into the Games I will be racing once a week and training on top of that, concentrating on keeping fitness and ensuring I’m in prime shape.”

Pullar will line-up alongside renowned competitor David Millar, with the Garmin-Sharp set to spearhead the Scottish road race cycling team’s glory bid north of the border.

Despite having minimal contact with his teammates and admitting the furore of the event is yet to sink in, Pullar believes the magnitude of the event is likely to be realised at the opening ceremony.

But once the Games fully kick into gear, the former Madison Genesis rider believes Team Scotland have a strong case for delivering cycling medals.

“I haven’t really thought about the race itself and as yet I haven’t had any preliminary chats with the rest of the road race team, that will happen when we get to Scotland,” added Pullar.

“The opening ceremony will be great and that’s the next thing before I head back for another Premier Calendar race in the middle of Games.

“The opening ceremony will be great although I’m not too sure what to expect. I’m positive it will be fantastic and will be the signal for a lot of athletes that they’ve arrived at the Games.

“Scottish Cycling is in good shape at the minute with two world tour riders with great potential to get on the podium so I’m certainly backing Scottish Cycling’s chances going into the Games.”