AIKIDO enthusiasts from across the globe are due to descend on Kendal tomorrow (Friday) to take part in a seminar led by one of the few people still alive to have studied with the founder of the martial art.

Organised by Windermere Aikido teacher Michael Haft, Koretoshi Maruyama will deliver a three-day long seminar, the only one of its kind in Europe this year.

And such is the draw of Maruyama, people from as far away as Bahrain, Russia and Italy are making their way to Kendal Judo Club to take part.

Koretoshi Maruyama began studying aikido in 1956 with the founder of the art - Morihei Ueshiba.

He became a professional instructor of aikido in 1967 two years before his teacher passed away.

Since that time Maruyama Sensei has taught extensively throughout the world and at home in Japan.

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