KENDAL Town FC have announced that negotiations over the clubhouse occupancy have been successfully concluded with Parkside (Kendal) Ltd.

With immediate effect the Mintcakes’ clubhouse has passed over to the football club’s direct control.

Chairman Haydon Munslow said:  “I am delighted to conclude this deal which is an important part of our football club’s progress.

“We have been talking to Parkside (Kendal) Ltd for three years trying to find a mutually acceptable exit settlement.

“A deal has now been reached and agreed by all parties. The keys to The Park have today been handed over to Kendal Town.

“From now on the revenue we create from the use of our clubhouse including the proceeds from the bar sales will go directly into improving stadium facilities and the supporting the various playing teams”

Kendal Town Football Club’s stadium at Parkside Road Kendal is owned by The Clark Foundation and is leased to South Lakeland District Council.

The members of Kendal Town Football Club hold an extended under lease with South Lakeland District Council for the whole stadium, including the pitch, the stand, the changing rooms, the club house building and other structures on the site.

Following the return of the clubhouse to the football club’s control, the building will be renamed, with a local competition to be launched to find it a new name.

A new title when decided will herald a fresh start of the football club using the building to generate revenue to further its local senior football sporting aims for boys and girls, men and women of all ages.