West Derby 4.

Kendal 6.

KENDAL men recorded their first win of the season in Kukri NWLeague Division 5. The planning and preparation of the Kendal team left a good deal to be desired.

Even so, leaving some 50 minutes after the meeting time, with at least one player missing, and arriving at the ground shortly after the match start time with no chance for a warm-up, Kendal still managed to be three goals up after 15 minutes.

Captain Ewan Galloway scored all three and at that point the Greens seemed to be cruising.

Unfortunately, a combination of Kendal's over-confidence and an inability to keep the ball allowed the hosts to slowly work their way back into the game.

West Derby worked hard to make the most of their possession, gaining a series of penalty corners and, incredibly, scored four times to take the lead at the interval.

Strong words in the Kendal camp at half-time led to a more measured performance in the second half.

Gordon Blunt marshalled the midfield with his usual verve and total commitment. In defence Fran Tidmarsh once again played solidly, reading the game well and timing tackles to perfection.

His understudy, Chris Woodman is learning quickly and also played a large part in holding the back line firm.

A fully-fit Steve Barclay was back to playing with his old pace and confidence at the front and slowly Kendal began to get the upper hand once more.

Good work on the wing from Charlie Crooke led to Galloway's fourth goal, bringing the scores level.

Soon after, Barclay romped down the left, carried the ball around the back of the defence and set up Gordon Blunt for Kendal's fifth goal.

West Derby pressed hard to equalise again but could not get the final shot beyond Josh Chacko.

As they threw more players into attack with time fast running out, Iain Donaldson's firm clearance reached Galloway, whose only companions in the West Derby half were one defender, the goalkeeper and Steve Barclay.

Galloway beat his man, and as the keeper came out to close him down, he slipped the ball to Barclay who made short work of despatching it to the back of the net, sealing a 6-4 win.