Lewis Hamilton has indicated business more than emotion is ruling his decision on whether to sign a new contract with McLaren.

Hamilton may have been with McLaren since he was 13, and in F1 in particular with the team for six years, so there will naturally be an emotional lure. But the suggestion from the 27-year-old, represented these days by Simon Fuller's XIX Entertainment, is there is far more to it than that.

Asked whether in his heart of hearts McLaren is where he wants to stay, Hamilton said: "Yeah, but this is a business. I always wear my heart on my sleeve, but of course you always have to be business-minded as well."

With talk going on behind the scenes, Hamilton added: "I'm pretty much in a similar position as I was going into the season.

"There is work being done in the background, but I'm not really focusing on that. The guys that are paid to do their job are discussing that, and working on getting that resolved.

"For now it's important the team know I am massively committed to them winning the championship. That's the most important thing."

Only last month McLaren group chairman Ron Dennis suggested a new deal would have to be put into context given the current economy.

At the time, Dennis said: "It's a complex situation.

"He is on the end of a contract which was signed at a time when the economy was somewhat different. Now there has to be a balance."