If you look at the First Edition of the Ordnance Survey Map of Underbarrow (1957) you will see, just south of Broadoaks and just east of the old Bobbin Mill (now called Low Mill House), that there is marked “Wellington Monument”. This Map is on display in the Punchbowl Inn at Underbarrow, should you want to check it out. The Ordnance Survey Map in the Outdoor Leisure series shows the map co-ordinates as 467.917.

The Monument is, according to the Map, in what appears to be an isolated and unlikely position. In fact, according to later maps and if visited, the site is at the top of a rounded hill which has a commanding position with views in all directions; it is an ideal place for a monument. A Google Earth image reveals that the site is almost circular, but there is no indication of anything more than was revealed during a recent expedition to the site when only a hedgerow, an old gate and an animal drinking trough could be seen. Of the Monument there is no trace at all. What has become of it? It could have been vandalised (unlikely), it could have been removed to a more accessible site, it could even be in someone’s garden, or it may have been removed along with iron railings at the beginning of the Second World War, to be used as scrap. Whatever happened to it is a mystery, and if anyone can throw any light on the matter we would be pleased to hear from you. Please telephone either Bev Holt (01539 568479) or Nigel Sale (01539 568463).