THERE has been much said in the media recently about plastic pollution in the oceans.

Anyone who watched David Attenborough's recent television series, will realise the scale of the problem and the awful effect on marine wildlife.

Theresa May has announced her government intends to bring in legislation to reduce the amount of plastic we all use, but this will take some time.

I believe a large part of the problem is caused by a significant minority of people who think it's acceptable to litter the countryside with their rubbish.

The roadside verges are not there to collect rubbish.

The River Kent is not there to collect rubbish.

Most of what is dumped could be recycled.

There's no excuse; we've all got recycling bins.

Everytime I go for a walk around my local lanes I bring home a bag full of litter. The most recent time, after just a three-mile walk, the bag was too heavy to carry. I had to go back for it it in the car.

Also, the cost to the authorities for picking up litter is huge. This is our money having to be spent.

It's only in recent years that dog fouling has become completely unacceptable. It's time littering became equally unacceptable.

Bob Ruxton