DREAMCATCHER: Alex Hossack and Catherine Aubrey interpret your dreams

Eric’s Dream:

I was floating on the sea sitting on the top of a table but the sea was not rough -  the waves were swaying the table from side to side in a gentle manner.

Below the floating table top was another ‘floor’ or ‘level’ which meant there was a 10 inch gap that happened to contain a kitten, albeit the kitten was not upset and neither was I. We were just drifting aimlessly without being distressed. It almost seemed pleasant.

As I approached the end of the dream I could see the table with me and the kitten on board drifting off into the distance with the sun setting.

Dream Analysis:

Everyday life can become difficult, even traumatic and human beings need to be able to find a safety valve to release the tension. The dream is one way that achieves this, no matter how short or long the message.

The dream offered today is short and appears to offer little information. Nevertheless, enough information is provided to offer some analysis which shows that even a brief dream can give a significant message to the dreamer.

In this dream the dreamer represents himself floating ‘at sea’. He demonstrates no major or significant motivation, he is just drifting through life.

However, the young kitten is a representation of repressed energy which he curtails. Having the kitten boxed in is a warning that he may be restraining his underlying needs.

The table he floats on represents a sense of control or order of his situation. The dreamer continues to ‘float with the tide’ possibly waiting for something to happen rather than instigating it. Throughout the dream he appears resigned to this state.

In summary, the dream is offering the dreamer a message that he is not making any effort to achieve anything particular in his life, other than to restrain his needs. This could be a positive narrative, or it is more probable that the dreamer subconsciously is not content with this state of being and may feel that he is procrastinating and would like to make changes to his life, behaviour or attitude.

If the dreamer would like to provide feedback about the interpretation, please send it to ACDreamcatchers@mail.com.

Interestingly, we have found it is not always possible to interpret your own dream, probably because it often represents the sublimation of feelings or thoughts that we are trying to avoid in our waking lives. However, with a little assistance from the dream interpreter, the symbols and themes can start to make sense and help us to move forward.

If you are interested in having a particular dream analysed, please send us an account of your dream to the following email address: ACDreamcatchers@mail.com

We only have space to interpret one dream a week which will be selected from those received. Please refer to the guidance provided to describe your dream as this will enable us to provide a full interpretation.

Guidance for the Dreamer:

• Record your dream in writing as soon as you wake up with as much detail as possible.

• First of all ask yourself who is in the dream.

• Where are you, what is happening to you and what is happening around you?

• Record how you are feeling about what you and/or others are doing.

• Are there particular symbols or objects in the dream that are unusual?

• Are there any sounds and is the dream in colour or black and white?

• Are you watching yourself in the dream or are you experiencing it first-hand ie: through your own eyes.

Alex Hossack and Catherine Aubrey are Public Service professionals with years of experience as practitioners and managers in the Criminal Justice System.