TYRE manufacturer Continental has thrown its weight behind Tyre Safety Month in October to raise awareness of the benefits of winter tyres.

Following its own research which discovered more than three million motorists were involved in a collision or near miss with another vehicle during the extreme conditions of last winter, Continental is raising the issue of winter tyre use, which some European countries enforce by law to reduce risks.

Tyres designed to offer increased traction in cold and slippery conditions have improved stopping distances of a cars travelling at 30mph by eight metres in tests.

“We look on with envy at European countries that manage to keep business going as usual when a few flakes of snow bring our roads to a standstill,” said Continental brand manager, Tracey Hyem.

“Those countries have a history of fitting the right tyres for the right season. Winter tyres are available to purchase from all good retailers.

“Our advice to drivers is to think about winter tyres early now. There’s no point in being stuck on your driveway when the snow starts falling.”