TWO is a misleading title for The Duke's production of Jim Cartwright's gritty play as what audiences really get to enjoy is a wide and varied amount of characters during the two-hour story.

The play takes on the interesting stories lurking within a timeless Northern pub and all the sweet, scary and weird people that this venue attracts during one of its average days.

Taking on all the male characters in this comical yet moving play, Kierab Buckeridge did an outstanding job at transforming into everything from a Liverpudlian flirt to an old morning man.

He had the whole of the Round in fits of laughter as well as extreme shock - with his powerful speeches and sheer speed - swapping into different roles within the blink of an eye.

As his wife, on an off the set, Ella Vale was equally as impressive, addressing a change of stereotypes from the beaten wife, to the drunken landlady.

Surprisingly, there was also a really good soundtrack to accompany the action on stage, which helped audiences to move through the emotions of the drama.

Anyone desiring an evening with a lot of laughter and a touch of thought-provoking analysis of modern society should go and see this play.

* Until October 29.