AS I have just returned from a holiday in Morocco, I am all about tagine, tagine, tagine.

Typically, the dish is a rich stew of meat - beef, chicken, fish or lamb - and most often includes vegetables or fruit.

Trekking through the Atlas Mountains and camping for five days in a row meant that fresh meat was hard to come by on the trip, so although we did eat beef a couple of times and a substantial amount of fish, we filled up on vegetables and carbs – potatoes, cous cous, pasta and rice.

The food we ate was absolutely outstanding; tasty, filling and beautifully presented.

What made it even more remarkable was that our chef, Abd Erahim, cooked up everything in a makeshift tent kitchen, complete with just a few gas canisters and some pots and pans.

For an en-route lunch, this was done in the great outdoors.

Travelling with our trusty bag carriers (mules), Abd and six muleteers would get to camp ahead of us every day.

This meant that by the time we arrived our tents were up, dinner was on and the Moroccan mint tea was ready to pour with a plate of biscuits to accompany.

It really did demonstrate what scrumptious but healthy dishes could be created with little equipment and basic, natural ingredients - we were even treated to a freshly made donut-type creation after a partcularly long day walking.

Given the same resources I think we all would have gone hungry, so the fact that our stomachs were never unsatisfied was all down the Abd the culinary whizz and his team.

If you would like to make your own vegetable tagine then Greenbanks, Kendal, is certainly the place to go.

The core ingredients, such as carrots (we ate a LOT of carrots), courgettes and potatoes can all be bought in the store.

New season goods available include Brussel sprouts (£1.65 / kilo) and English Russett apples (£2.50 / kilo). Witherslack Community Stores also have some seasonal fruit in store - Lyth Valley damsons and some local grapes.

As do Low Sizergh Barn, who stock damsons (£3.20 / kilo) and apples (£1.75 / kil0), from their very own orchard.

To make a meaty meal, add some rump steak from Plumgarths, Kendal, on offer at £12 / kilo. You can also pick up eight chicken fillets for £12 at the farm shop.

And Dales Butchers are promoting their successes from a recent north west pork competition.

They took the title of regional champion for faggot balls (80p each) and also got a gold award for their chilli jam pie (£1.40).

If you would rather your meat is chargrilled Richardsons, Bowness, have a late summer special with bags of quality Lakeland charcoal half price at £2.75.

We also had some wonderful Moroccan flatbreads which were very easy to make and delicious - I have even re-created some at home. If you do not have time to make your own bread, Grange Bakery have just started making a spelt loaf (£1.64), which is great for anyone with a gluten intolerance.

Also on the shelves is a cranberry and walnut loaf (£2.09). Not a fan of Moroccan food? Try Spanish instead. The Honeypot, at Hawkshead, have some gluten-free chorizo from Shaw Meats, Wigton (£4.99 each) and 250g paella mixes with smoked paprika and saffron (£3.99).