EASTER is finally here so what better way to celebrate the end of lent, or just the long awaited bank holiday weekend with some tasty treats?

With a bit of extra time we all have the opportunity to prepare and therefore full enjoy the culinary possibilities of the four day stretch. Then you can sit back and relax!

So whether it is fish on Friday, a Sunday (or Monday) Easter roast, breakfast, brunch or even snacks for a warm (I’m being hopeful) spring evening get together, there is something for all on this week’s Checkout list.

For the kids, and the kids in us, there are the conventional Easter goodies such as chocolate rice crispy nests at £1.35 each from Hazelmere Cafe and Bakery, Grange-over-Sands.

For the same price there are butter short bread biscuits dipped in milk chocolate, topped with a piping of marshmallow and filled with chocolate eggs.

In true traditional style they also have packs of four handmade hot cross buns at £1.92. Burton Community Stores will be selling their own Easter bunny and special cakes this weekend which will start from about £1.20 per portion, as well as the Cadbury Easter egg range starting from £1.49.

And in Kendal, Baba Ganoush have got their delicious Creme Egg brownies at £1.60 a slice, as well as a rich French cheese called Delice De Cremier at £2.20 per 100g.

The Courtyard Dairy, near Settle, are offering brand new cheese which is being sold in England for the very first time. Young Buck is an unpastuerised Stilton style at £25 per kilo and is said to have a really nice blue ‘bite’ to it.

They also have Little Anne, a fresh cow’s milk cheese perfect for spring at £2.50 each for 50g.

Back in Grange, Higginsons Butchers have got Lakeland Herdwick lamb starting at £8.99 per kilo, for something a little mroe substantial. These little fellas have even had the royal seal of approval after they were observed by Prince Charles last week, giving them the Protected Designation of Origin stamp.

Ideal for breakfast with eggs or American pancakes, lunch in a salad or dinner wrapped around chicken, Kendal’s Watson and Woollard have maple cure back bacon on special offer at £3.49 for a 1b acket, and maple cure streaky bacon at £2.99 per 1b packet.

Head to Clapham to get all the essential accompaniments to add colour to your dish from Growing with Grace. Everything here is grown on site, and this week they have got fresh raddishes at £1.89 for about a 250g bunch.

Why not get their leeks at £3.50 per kilo, and make a rustic lookinh creamy leek and bacon pie with filo pastry? They have also got rocket at £1.99 for a 100g bag, great on the side to freshen up any meal.