THE weather already looks like it might be on the turn after this glorious bank holiday weekend, so this column could be somewhere between speaking too late and speaking too soon.

But onwards and upwards and I’m already planning the weekends with the sun in mind.

And any nice day strolling or cycling around the Lake District wouldn’t be complete without a good old fashioned British picnic, even if it does end up being consumed in a car with the rain lashing against the windows.

So whether it’s just bog-standard sarnies or a smorgasbord of sumptuous delights you’re after, this week’s Checkout has a little bit for everyone.

Or if you’re either all walked out or you’ve just over done it a bit on chocolate and food this Easter weekend, it’s a great opportunity to just eat the leftovers and pick at some yummy food at home.

For the bare essentials, head to the Staff of Life Bakery, Kendal, for a rosemary or black and green olive, sundried tomato focaccia at £2.80, and their basic white sour dough at the same price.

They also have a range of five shortbreads from lavender to chocolate chip at £1.20 each.

Perfect for picking, Greenlands Farm Village, Carnforth, have mediterranean and mixed olives, as well as larger olives with either sundried tomatoes or garlic, all at £1.70 for 100g.

If you’re feeling brave enough, why not try out a ready-to-barbecue tray with meats including sausages and burgers that can be made up tot he price of £10 or £6.

Alternatively, cook your sausages at home and have them cold with your picnic.

Steadmans of Sedbergh have gold award Ravenstonedale red sausages at £6.99 per kilo, and silver award Westmorland sausages at £7.49 per kilo.

Stay in Sedbergh and pop on over to Powells Greengrocers for Jersey new potatoes at £3.50 per kilo, ideal for a potato salad.

Enjoy it with English asparagus at £2.75 a bunch, mixed salad bags at 99p and tomatoes on the vine at £2.95 per kilo.

A traditional picnic would be nothing without a bit of cheese, so try out individual little Oxford blues from Cartmel Cheeses (yet to be priced).

They even have individual lemon meringue tarts by Gee’s Meringues at £2.20 each. Country Harvest, Ingleton, have pork pies at £1.25 or five for £5, baked in their kitchen at Bentham.

They also have cheese to add to the selection with Appleby Creamery Black Dub Blue at £1.89 per 100g, made by Maurice Walton and his award-winning team.

And if you fancy an easy lunch, stop over at Bowland Bridge Stores for their homemade hot and cold sandwiches which range from £1.80 to £2.75.

The choice includes bacon with sausage, egg, or black pudding as well as ham and cheese variations with damson chutney.

They also have a range of Higginsons pies which include meat and potato, or cumberland sausage and are priced between £1.95 and £2.95.