QUICHE is commonly thought to have originated in France, but the history books tell a different story.

It is said that quiche is in fact from Germany and its name derives from the German word ‘kuchen’, which means ‘cake’.

But whatever way you look at it, it is the quiche Lorraine - complete with bacon and cheese - that has become synonymous with this tasty open egg custard pie.

Despite standing the test of time, quiches are somehow looked down upon as an ironicically retro dish from the 70s or 80s, possibly to be followed by a large slice of Black Forest gateau.

But while it has largely become the butt of many a joke, if it’s served at a party it’s almost always pounced on and gone.

The proof is in the pudding with its popularity.

Every supermarket seems to have about 20 on the shelf at one time, and you would be hard pushed not to find it in your average British cafe.

The nation seems to have gone mad for healthy eating, organic produce and posh nosh and you’ll find quiche even the coolest of alternative cafes.

Pastry may act as the vehicle for the filling, but you can flex your culinary muscles and experiment with that too.

To make the custard for your quiche, head to Witherslack Community Stores where they have South Lakeland eggs at £1.15 for half a dozen. Great for vegetarians (and the rest of us!), why not make a spinach and ricotta filling using spinach at £1.50 for a bag.

They also have a selection of Airey’s cheese including mature Cheddar, double Gloucester and creamy Lancashire (all priced by weight) to crumble over or mix in to a plain or perhaps mixed Mediterranean vegetable quiche.

For your traditional quiche Lorraine, Dales Butcher at Kirkby Lonsdale has dry-cured back bacon at £12.98 per kilo, smoked back bacon at £13.98 per kilo or why not try their own roast ham at £18.98 per kilo.

Or for something different make a chicken and asparagus quiche with fillets at £10.98 per kilo, or 3lb for £10.

Greenbanks, Kendal, has English button mushrooms at £3.20 per kilo, perfect for a creamy leak and mushroom quiche.

They also have Blackpool tomatoes at 60p a lb to slice thinly and lie on top of your quiche to finish.

Low Sizergh Barn, Kendal, has Kendal Creamy cheese made with their own milk at £11.94 per kilo.

And if you want something easy, choose from a selection of their baked in house quiches which include ham and cheese and a range of vegetarian options. Between £7.75 per kilo and £8.50 per kilo, they are all priced by the slice and weight.

Similarly, Cartmel Village Shop has homemade quiches including asparagus and ham, broccoli and stilton and mixed pepper. A large slice will set you back £1.60 while individual quiches are £3 or £3.50 (serves two).

The Honeypot, Hawkshead, is selling Higginson’s vegetarian quiche at £1.60 and a meatier alternative of Burbush’s pork pie at £1.50.

Quiches are great for sharing with salads and breads, so pop to Grange Bakery for a slection of focaccias from £1.75, or Plumgarths, Kendal, for an artisan loaf at £1.95 or sourdough at £2.95.