MIXED berries for me are the epitome of summer.

And although the supermarket shelves are packed full of them throughout the year, it’s during the summer season that they are British, ripe and at their best.

Whether you’re just enjoying them alone, with yogurt, in cakes, pies, sauces, or creating delicious preserves, there is something to satisfy all tastes.

In season now are raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, blackcurrants, cherries, and even sweet stoned fruits including apricots, peaches and nectarines so there is no excuse for not getting your five-a-day.

And although a lot of the yummy fruits on sale on markets - and granted super stores too - are local, they in fact made their way to the British Isles from further afield.

Strawberries, once regarded as an aphrodisiac in medieval times, were first cultivated by the Romans right back as far as 200 BC.

Becoming popular in the 17th century, raspberries are believed to have originated in Eastern Asia and were turned into jams by the 18th century.

And the blueberries we commonly eat today made their way to the UK via European colonisers who came across from North America in the 15th century.

Greenbanks, Kendal, has a range of fruit with prices that are subject to change. They have flat peaches at £1.20 for 500g, strawberries at £1.80 per 400g and blueberries at £1.20 per 125g pack. They also have raspberries at £2.30 per 125g and apricots at about £1.99 per kilo which would both be perfect for creating your own handmade conserves.

To go on top of your fresh berries and fruit, The Honeypot, Hawkshead, has Cottage Delight clotted cream at £3.99 for a 170g jar and Claire’s Handmade extra fruity raspberry jam at £2.99 per 227g jar to drizzle over.

They also have the Wooden Spoon Company’s apricots in ameretto syrup at £6.99 per 300g jar which would be ideal for a boozy summery dessert.

With the same idea, head to Witherslack Community Stores where they have fresh double cream from North Lakes Foods at £1.43 for a large pot (73p for a small), as well as a range of Langley Farm yogurts at 45p each, great on top of your fruit with a sprinkling of granola.

With breakfast in mind, Plumgarths Farm Shop, Kendal, has a variety of jams made by Staveley based Friendly Food and Drink. At £2.60 per 227g jar, including a five berry jam, strawberry, rhubarb and apple and damson.

Spread these on homebaked croissants at 95p each from Grange Bakery, where they also have a cranberry and walnut loaf at £2.39 and an apple and cinnamon traybake at £1.15.

Country Harvest, Ingleton, has their own homebaked delights including an apple and raspberry pie, plain cherry pie and a plain apple pie at £5.25. They also have a traditional fruitcake at £2.99.

Why not go savoury and try duck, orange and Cointreau sausages at £4.50 for 500g at Kirkby Lonsdale’s Dales Butcher. They also have duck at £7.50 per kilo, perfect with a cherry sauce, or lamb chops from farmer Andrew Denny near Levens, at £17 per kilo.

Compliment your meet with a bottle of fruity Eden Valley-made booze from High Cup Wines. At £10.25 choose from gooseberry, raspberry, elderflower and damson.