IT may be the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, but the apple is one of the most bog-standard, readily available fruits in the UK.

And while the now almost boring apple pales into insignificance among the mounds of colourful berries and exotic fruits at hand in every supermarket, it deserves more recognition.

Versatility is the key, and apples can be sweet or savoury.

From a great source of energy on walks and the stereotypical British family car journey snack to mouthwatering pastries and accompaniments to roasts dinners, the possibilities are endless.

Or, of course if it's not something edible you're after there is always drink...or should I say booze.

And when I say the possibilities are endless, they really are thanks to the 7,500 varieties.

Whether you be a Pink Lady or Granny Smith, even the apple world itself is divided.

For the basics, Kendal's Greenbanks has a range of apples for all occasions.

Apples are picked now before the frosts begin and used to be stored in underground cellars.

Choose between Worcester apples at £1 for 12 which will last for just about a month, English Russets at 80p/lb which will last until just after Christmas, English Cox at 80p/lb which will last till spring and finally Bramley cooking apples at the same price which will last as long as summer.

Perhaps the most indulgent way to enjoy apples is to add lots of sugar, butter and flour or pastry.

Be creative and bake your own crumble, delicious French tart or pie.

For something ready-to-go, head to Cartmel Village Shop where they have Sticky Toffee Apple Crumble, of their famous Sticky range, at £3.99 (500g).

And if that's a little sickly for you, grab a jar of Hawkshead Relish's apple, date and damson chutney at £3.75 (200g) to go along with some sharp-tasting cheese.

Grange Bakery are also in full seasonal swing with a sweet selection including apple and cinnamon slices at £1.15, apple turnovers with fresh organic cream at £1.20 or traditional round plate apple pies at £2.95.

If it's easy you're after, Low Sizergh Barn, Kendal, has their own apple pies frozen and ready to cook at £3.60.

But if it is savoury you prefer, try out some Cartmel Valley Game wild boar and apple sausages at £10.59/kilo. Enjoy simply with mash, in-season cabbage and rich gravy.

Wash down with Sam Smith's organic cider at £2.70/500ml.

Alternatively, try Dales Butcher's pork, apple and sage sausages at £7.98/kilo from Kirkby Lonsdale or their boneless pork leg at a special price of £5.98/kilo.

Roast in a deep tin with white wine, apple wedges and grainy mustard for a deep and rich-flavoured dish which is sure to wow family or guests.

Another tea-time and child-friendly option is pork and apple burgers from Plumgarths, Kendal, at 95p each or £12 for 16.

They also have rhubarb and apple jam at £2.60, perfect for breakfast or a late night snack.

And for cheese lovers, The Honeypot, Hawkshead, has a variety of apple-themed condiments including Claire's Homemade apricot and apple chutney at £2.99/200g and fig and apple chutney with Armagnac - same make and price.