Name: Luke Whittle, demi chef de partie at Carters at The Sun Inn, Kirkby Lonsdale

Essential ingredient: Well there is probably one ingredient associated with every chef and that’s salt. This is not only an essential part of the kitchen but it is the key to unlock the full potential and flavour. Another would be butter. It might not be healthy but it adds great flavour and is another essential part of the kitchen.

First kitchen worked in: Well as I’m only 18 I have only been through a small amount of kitchens, but my first every job in a working kitchen was in a small corner cafe called Emily’s. I came across this cafe through my school work experience and after that I got offered a job to help in the kitchen. This fed my enthusiasm to learn more and inspired me to progress to college.

First dish I prepared: I’m right the first dish I prepared was your classic sheppard’s pie aged 10 for my family at home with a little help from mum! I loved the nights that we had this dish with the crispy bits of mash on the top from when it was cooked in the oven.

Signature dish: As I’ve only had a few years of being a chef, I haven’t yet been able to produce what I class as a signature dish as I’m am still discovering new techniques and styles of food.

Food philosophy: My philosophy is great ingredients that are seasonal and at their best and more importantly, local and presented well to give a dish its full potential.

Biggest kitchen disaster: To be honest I’ve be quite lucky I haven’t had a major disaster in the kitchen. However, not so long ago there was a slight problem with a steak that was slightly more than well done thanks to a forgetful colleague. There was a very hot pan and quite a bit of smoke so the logic was to take it outside but I didn’t realise there was a fire alarm right outside of the kitchen and you can guess what happened next.

Favourite chef: My favourite celebrity chef has got to be Raymond Blanc as his passion for food is so great and he creates amazing flavours using simple ingredients.

Biggest influences: I owe a big thanks to my Kendal College tutors Yannick Lequitte and Richard Axford and the rest of the team for introducing me to the industry and also for giving me some great opportunities. My current head chef Sam Carter has also had a big influence on me during the past year, showing me new techniques and styles.

My favourite meal: To be honest I haven’t got a clue. I’m definitely not fussy and there are so many amazing dishes to be discovered though I’m more of a meat person than seafood and I do like desserts.