HALLOWE'EN doesn't just have to be about the kids.

As most people know, this trick-or-treating renowned celebration has come quite far from its origins.

Also known as All Hallows' Eve and All Saints Eve, Hallowe'en in fact marks the start in the Christian calendar which is dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs as well as faithful believers.

However, there are arguments which suggest it was initially influenced by Celtic harvest festivals and may even have pagan roots.

But nowadays this festival is more likely to be associated with trick-or-treating, dressing up and apple bobbing than any sort of religious observation.

And while the kids can have fun, so can us adults too.

The greatest thing about Hallowe'en of course is all the food involved.

By all means indulge children in all that is sweet, but don't forget there's plenty to do with all those pumpkin-carving off cuts and much more.

Head to Powells Greengrocers, Sedbergh, where they have huge pumpkins starting at £2.50. Not just for carving, pumpkins are fantastic for making delicious soups, adding into curries and casseroles or enjoying alongside a roast.

Why not make a sumptuous roast pumpkin tart? Drizzle over balsamic glaze and sprinkle over traditional Colsten Bassett Stilton from Cartmel Cheeses at £3.28/100g.

Or, make a mouth watering curried pumpkin soup and serve with bake in the oven Vacherin Mont d'Or cheese at £15 each (serves 2) from Cartmel again.

Powells also has the party must haves with toffee apples at 60p or chocolate apples at 65p.

Alternatively, for a perfect activity make them yourself with Kidd's Orange Pippin apples at 68p/lb or English Russets at £1.75/kilo.

All you need is butter, sugar, vinegar and golden syrup to make your sticky toffee apple treats.

Keeping with the pumpkin theme, Staff of Life, Kendal, has pumpkin pies at £2.50 each and orange and pumpkin seed flapjacks at £1.80.

If you are short of bread to dip into the soup, they also have 100 per cent wholemeal with seeds and molasses at £2.80 per loaf.

Get prepared for those knocks on the door and head to Greenlands Farm Village, Carnforth, where they have Hallowe'en gingerbread biscuits with witches on at £3.99.

They also have Hallowe'en mallow lollies including Frankenstein, pumpkins, ghosts and witches at £1.35.

For something a bit wacky they have Smash at £5.99 - treacle toffee in a box with a metal handle and a little hammer which you "smash" to bits.

Bowland Bridge Stores also has pumpkins, small ones at £1 and large ones at £1.95 for spooky pumpkin lantern family.

They also have chocolate pumpkins with Smarties in the middle at 70p.

If you haven't got a sweet tooth, William Peat, Sedbergh, has the perfect "gruesome" answer in the form of black pudding at 69p/100g or pig's kidneys at £3.73/kilo.

Theme your meals with a blood-filled breakfast followed by a steak and kidney pie for tea.

Peter Hutchinson at Greenodd has half a lamb £2.30/lb for your Sunday roast with roasted pumpkins.

Or be brave and try roasting lamb hearts at £2.20/kilo or cow's hearts at £5 each.