ANOTHER year just about over, and another one nearly begun.

We say farewell with a touch of sadness but greet the New Year with obligatory positivity and a natural feeling of anticipation.

And as 2014 draws to a close, I'm afraid folks so too does checkout.

So having delivered up a weekly digest of the all the edible bests and recipe recommendations in South Cumbria, Lancashire and North Yorkshire for around nine months, I shall also bid you a fond farewell.

But first of all, New Year's Eve - a divisive date in the diary if ever there was one.

Much like Marmite - us Brits either love it or hate it. And I'm not ashamed to admit to being the latter.

But that doesn't mean we don't have to make good use of another feasting opportunity.

That would just be foolish.

Go out with a bang with a posh buffet of delicious delectables, a sit down meal or a share around pot.

If it is a family affair, head to William Peat, Sedbergh, where they have lamb joints at £8.98/kilo and beef topside at £7.98/kilo - perfect for roasting with all the trimmings.

Or get your teeth into pork from Bowland Bridge Stores where they have their own Cartmel Fell pigs.

Chops start at £3 and joints at around £5.

For large parties, there is always the option of a giant chilli con carne. Make plenty of rice, stock up on tortillas, whip up guacamole, and get in sour cream for all the Mexican sides.

Get the meat from Peter Hutchinson Butcher, Greenodd,where 10lb of lean mince is on offer at £26.

Alternatively, assemble a fine dining dinner with guinea fowl at £9 each - pot roast with sherry for a festive twist - and start out with fresh homemade brawn at £1.20 per 8oz pot.

Wash your New Year's Eve feast down with extra dry Frasinelli Prosecco Superiore or Frasinelli Rose Spumante, both at £11.99/75cl at Ingleton's Country Harvest.

Only a drive away from the border, take inspiration from the Scots who arguably are the best at bringing in the New Year with their very own traditional Hogmanay.

Indulge in cock-a-leekie-soup - a delicious leek soup made using chicken stock - followed by haggis and a smorgasbord of Scottish accompaniments.

Get your leeks at 70p/kilo from Powells Greengrocers, Sedbergh.

They also have Scottish swede at 75p/kilo and 2.5lb bags of Maris Piper potatoes at £1.75, forming the basis of neeps and tatties or Rumbledethumps - a hearty mix of potato, cabbage and onion.

They also have new season Sicilian blood oranges at £2.75/kilo and leafy clementines at £1.75/kilo - great for adding into cocktails or squeezing into Prosecco.

Finish off any foodie soiree with bread and cheese.

Cartmel Cheeses has Isle of Mull cheddar at £2.92/100g, to be enjoyed with a shot of whisky.

Or try Wigmore at £4.87/100g - a delicate tasting sheep's brie.

Staff of Life, Kendal, has white elderflower sourdough at £2.80 or £1.80 and a multi-seed wholemeal loaf at the same prices for big and small.