IN two days it will be Christmas, and after that it will all be over for another year.

All those months and weeks of preparation, all that hard work deciding, buying, chopping and cooking.

But what we all know after the Christmas-day binge, is that it doesn't stop there.

As Boxing Day falls, the mad rush to clear the house of 'leftovers' commences.

Or as my family have always called "eating up the bits" - a term which turned my stomach and crushed my pre-dinner excitement.

But guess what? I have learned this doesn't have to be a drag at all.

In fact, it's the time you can get most creative and deviate from the traditional norm.

We inevitably over cater, and for one time in the year we don't want to waste what is left.

Make the most of the fit-to-burst fridge, get up off the sofa and get to work in the kitchen.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to Christmas day seconds.

Whether it's stir fry, curry, casserole - or cassoulet if you have sausages and goose - soup, pies, puddings and more.

And let's not forget the turkey sandwiches.

It would be sacrilege not to indulge in a delicious turkey, brie and stuffing sandwich in the days before 25th and New year.

So why not add in a bit of cheese to make it that more sumptuous.

The Courtyard Dairy, Settle, has Suffolk-made Baron Brigod brie - one of the only British bries to be made with unpasteurised milk.

They also have the alternative to Stilton in the form of Young Buck from Belfast. This is ideal for crumbling on a leftover cauliflower cheese, into broccoli soup or even on poached veg.

Stick the filling in one of Hazelmere Cafe and Bakery's breads. The Grange eatery has the perfect bread which can also be used to mop up the leftovers, dip into soup and enjoy with the remnants of the cheeseboard.

Choose between low-GI chia seed loaf at £2 and corn bread at £2 - great for a health kick after the binge - and dark German rye at £2.

If you want to keep it luxurious post-Christmas, mix up old and new with a whipped together leftover greens and enjoy alongside a fat-free rump steak from Higginson's Butcher, Grange, at £21.99/3lb.

Cobble together a red wine gravy to give it a wintery twist.

They also have Macsween Haggis, great alongside a bubble and squeak.3

And if you do have an abundance of greens left, or anything that would lend itself to a delicious creamy filling, why not make a warming turkey, leek and cream shortcrust pie.

There's always the options for something lighter with salads - great with roasted veg remains.

And for those with a sweet tooth, Burton Community Stores has Greenhalgh Bakery's luxury Christmas pudding at £9.95. Mix the leftovers with vanilla ice cream and re-freeze for a homemade festive pud dessert. Pour over any leftover Atkins and Potts brandy sauce, priced at £3.25.

And if you have any panettone kicking around, try out an Italian twist on the English bread and butter pudding.