A WINDERMERE business renowned for its Sunday Lunch offering is joining others around the country to celebrate one of Britain's favourite meals.

During British Roast Dinner Week which runs from Monday (September 29) to next Sunday October 5, The Lamplighter Dining Rooms, on High Street, will not only serve up its signature roast on Sunday, but on Friday and Saturday lunchtime too.

James Tasker, who owns the business with his brother Alistair, said: "Sitting around the table for roast dinners are some of the best memories of our great days, with family, good food, wine and company.

"We wanted to share this with others."

With the nights drawing in, this is designed to get family and friends connecting around the table.

The unique experience at The Lamplighter requires guests to order their cut of fine Lakeland meat a couple of days in advance, and to specify exactly how they would like it cooked.

Not just your average Sunday lunch, The Lamplighter have a range of beef cuts from topside and sirloin to rib and fillet, lamb cuts from leg and saddle to end, plus chicken, pork, gammon, toad in the hole and more.

This means that whether it be well-done beef from the end of a sirloin for granny, or tender slices of rare beef from the centre for dad, everyone gets just what they want – like at home but there's no cooking or washing up!

The requested cut of meat is served whole to the table at its optimum, and is carved in front of guests as all the traditional accompaniments - including plate-sized Yorkshire puddings – are brought out 'family style', encouraging everyone to interact over their delicious dinners.

The celebration week marks 25 years since The Lamplighter came into Tasker ownership – the party will take place later in the year.

Growing up in the Windermere hotel and restaurant, founding couple Sue and Tony Tasker's two sons James and Alistair have built a strong emotional connection to the business.

Today they offer fine, local and seasonal produce at its best, aiming to share the knowledge and passion for food and drink that they inherited, and to use this to create a dining ‘experience’ that brings people together to laugh and make memories around the table.