A PRODUCTION company with roots in Cumbria has just launched the latest liquid arm of its business.

Made up of a 13-strong team including three former pupils from Queen Elizabeth School, Kirkby Lonsdale, Orillo Productions has unveiled its very own brand of vodka.

Orillo Vodka is a 40 per cent grain spirit, distilled in the North Yorkshire market town of Bedale and hand-bottled on a friend's farm in the county.

"Being filtered four times throughout the distilling process, the vodka has a premium, smooth taste and goes perfectly in many cocktails," said Robert Dickinson, product developer. "Our favourites are teaming it up with tomato juice, Tabasco, black pepper and a squeeze of lime to make a delicious Bloody Mary, or adding it to ginger beer and lime, creating a Moscow Mule.

"We are really excited to bring Orillo Vodka to the public – it’s been three years in the making and we can’t wait to see it grow."

The York-based company was set up five years ago and has made films for Nike, Jack Wills, Rolex and Dulux among others.

Although branching out from films to spirits may not seem the most obvious step, the group's 'love of collaboration' fuelled the move.

Richard O’hare, who works on Orillo's brand direction, said: "People thought that the shift from films to vodka was an unusual one, but for us it was just our next adventure.

"We’ve produced six successful pop up cinemas and the bar has always had a huge part to play in this."

Some of the cash made from the vodka will go towards helping fund more collaboration.

"We love bringing people together, especially in the creative industries, so a percentage of all of our profits will go back into the creative industry, whether that’s funding independent films, commissioning art or providing wrap parties and other events," added Robert, originally from Hutton Roof.

Hailing from Ingleton, one of the company's founders Keenan Foley, 26, hopes to spread the word here in Cumbria.

"For me the exciting part comes now," he said. "There are a lot of amazing restaurants and shops in the Lake District that we can't wait to stock Orillo Vodka."