A STAVELEY beer hall is holding a series of events this month to launch one-off tipples.

The Hawkshead Brewery is unveiling the new and innovative keg beers each Friday until the end of the month.

Head brewer Matt Clarke has spent time experimenting with techniques and ingredients rarely seen before to come up with the five limited edition beers.

"I am always trying to discover new flavours, push the boundaries with hops and bring an exciting experience to the drinker," said Matt. "My latest creations have been heavily based around producing sour beers as this is a relatively new style to hit the UK.

"This style of beer can need some education to the drinker but in return they will possible experience something they will never forget."

Already The Beer Hall has revealed two of its beers with the next one set for its showcase tomorrow (Friday).

Not on general sale and with only a 30 litre keg for each draught beer, ale enthusiasts are advised to get their on the day.

The first in the series was Raspberry Barrel Aged Sour, a 3.3 per cent Berliner Weisse-style beer made with whole fresh raspberries, aged in oak wine casks that have previously held Red Burgundy (Pinot Noir grapes).

Last week saw the unveiling of Chuckleberry Sour, aged with whole fresh chuckleberries - a cross between a redcurrant, a gooseberry and a Jostaberry (which itself is a cross between a blackcurrant and gooseberry).

Tomorrow, beer-lovers will be treated to the latest beer - Wild Wheat/Solar Sour barrel aged blend at 4 per cent.

The weekly beer will be announced on the Wednesday prior to the launch so check the brewery's website and social media feeds for details.

For more information visit www.hawksheadbrewery.co.uk