A SOUTH Cumbria brownie business struggled to keep up with demand from chocolate lovers after making itself at home in a pop-up shop.

During its five day stint in the Finkle Street store, the Lakeland Brownie Company was inundated with bulk buyers enticed by the smell of freshly baked goods.

"It's been a really fantastic experience and we'd definitely do it again," said Jude Sykes, who runs the business. "We weren't sure what to expect but it's really spurred us on.

"We've had lots of people returning which has given us the confidence in our products and has helped make us believe in it.

"I wish we had had another week in the shop"

Jude, of Kirkby Lonsdale, has been at the helm of the Lakeland Brownies Company since 2014 when she started out from home.

After outgrowing her kitchen, the 56-year-old moved into a unit at Plumgarths, near Kendal, last October.

Now with the business going from strength to strength, Jude is in the process of getting an 'all singing all dancing website', has got daughter Beccy Sykes on board and is hoping to employ an extra pair of hands.

The 23-year-old musician splits her time between Cumbria and Manchester where she is part of a band called The Orchid Hunters

"She's on board now and is fronting events like the pop-up shop and she's selling in Manchester at artisan food markets," added Jude. "There's a very diverse market for brownies.

"I do wedding favours and the Low Wood Bay (Windermere) use them for afternoon teas.

"I'm hoping to expand more into that area - which falls under the wholesale umbrella - but still go to events because it's great to meet people."

Jude makes around 500-600 brownies a week - which come in a classic gluten free range alongside requested flavours including honeycomb and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

The fudgey wares are supplied to businesses including The 2 Sisters cafe at Plumgarths, Armstrong Ward and Farrers, Kendal, and the Churchmouse at Barbon.

"The age range when looking at our market is so wide," she said. "Family and children love them and an 85 year old came in this week and bought a load.

"I don't think brownies are a one minute wonder. They are now a part of the Great British culture."