A LAKE DISTRICT hotel has welcomed some unusual visitors for a feature on a popular national TV show.

The Daffodil Hotel and Spa, in Grasmere, hosted cast and crew including presenters Jason Bradbury and Jon Bentley from Channel 5’s The Gadget Show.

The pair recorded a special ‘Versus’ challenge feature for the show which saw traditional spa therapies compete against technology to determine which was most effective in terms of relaxation, nail art, and skincare.

The team spent a full day filming inside the spa with assistant spa manager Ewa Brezezinska, 27.

Ewa carried out two treatments on her client including a candlelight back massage, after which relaxation levels were measured by a brain monitoring headband, and a unique Mud Rasul designed to improve the skin’s tone and texture.

A skin scientist was then brought in to measure before and after levels of skin elasticity.

At the same time presenters Jason and Jon worked on the client’s twin using various pieces of technology - ranging from motorised robots and a massage chair, to a portable sauna - to test whether the gadgets could outperform the traditional spa experience.

And it was the alternative methods of the presenters that pipped the professionals to win the challenge.

“It was quite different from a normal day at work as this doesn’t happen very often so it was interesting and great to be part of," said Ewa. "Naturally us professionals were disappointed not to have won but it was all good fun and I’ve told them they are welcome back anytime for a rematch."

The Gadget Show featuring The Daffodil was broadcast at 7pm on Channel 5 on October 12 and can be watched again on demand by visiting www.channel5.com