AN ULVERSTON food company is looking to draw in new customers with the help of a unique pink ingredient.

The Ulverston Meat Company is going to be using an 11 metre long wall of pink Himalayan rock salt to cure their British beef.

Dan Weston, company director, hopes that the theatrical nature of the LED lit wall alongside the results that the salt produces will attract crowds.

"I think it makes the meat more tender, it's not dried out that much," Mr Weston said. "The product will sell itself and the standard will increase."

The meat, which will predominately be beef, will be hung on the side of the slabs of salt, which will arrive to Ulverston from Pakistan.

The curing process is used as a management technique, as the salt draws out the moisture from the meat, delaying the deterioration of the product.

As a result of the curing process, the quality of the meat is maintained, and less is wasted overall.

"We're offering a premium rate product without the wastage so you do not have to put the prices up," Mr Weston said.

Set up by Lakes Speciality Foods, Ulverston Meat Company only opened its doors at the start of April, but with the help of locally-sourced meat and innovative methods, Mr Weston thinks that the business is well positioned.

He wants the Ulverston Meat Company to be at the cutting edge when it comes to combining new technology with traditional methods, and he knows that curing in this way is becoming increasingly popular.

"It's quite a fashionable thing in the cities, it's very much a buzz word," Mr Weston said. "In food you're always looking for a unique selling point."

Mr Weston is not aware of anybody else who is using this curing method in the Lake District, and hopes that the company will continue to remain one step ahead of the competition.

Although the pink wall of salt does not arrive for another two weeks, once completed it will weigh a staggering three tonnes and be made up of more than one thousand blocks.