SOME of the best Lake District spots to enjoy a pint have been detailed in a handy new beer guide.

Craig Manor Hotel has published the guide, which will help guests learn about some of the best craft breweries in the area.

Vicky Bowe, marketing co-ordinator for Craig Manor Hotel, had picked up on the popularity of craft beer in the Lakes.

"There's a lot more out there than we originally thought," Vicky said. "It's actually quite thriving.

"I think in general there's been quite a resurgence in people wanting to know where their food and drink comes from. There's a move away from big chains and processed food and drink so people are looking towards those smaller companies."

Included in the guide is Hawkshead Brewery, the Watermill Inn and Brewery at Ings and Keswick Brewing Co.

The guide features a brief history of the breweries, what they are known for brewing, their most notable features, when tours take place and an idea of cost.

It also takes a look at how beer is made and even explains which pint imbibers should be supping with their dinner.

"There's so many varieties of homemade beer now that it sits on a par with wine tasting," Vicky said. "To get a full experience in all their glory it's best to know what kind of food to have with them."

Vicky said that one of the ideas behind the infographic was that hotel guests would be able to use it in order to plan their day of walking around a visit to a brewery.

"The Lake District has the highest concentration of small breweries anywhere in Britain, many with award winning drinks that can be sampled in local pubs and eateries," Vicky said. "For an alternative Lake District attraction, we would certainly recommend a brewery tour!"

The guide can be found at: