This week I bring two fantastic beers to the table, as I feel I have been concentrating too much on the grape. They are the Rudgate York Chocolate Stout and Inner and Gunn Rum Finish Amber Beer – both big and bold and guaranteed to warm you up on a cold night.

The Rudgate Beer from York is a rich and bold chocolate stout, and entirely appropriate as York is home to chocolate.

The chocolate essence has been created especially for this stout which, when poured, shows a rich and dark colour.

This ultimately leads to a warm, smooth, full-bodied finish. As a food match I would go for a gamey meat or strong cheeses. Available from Booths at £1.99 a bottle Second up is the Innes and Gunn Rum cask beer from Edinburgh – specially made as a fun beer which expresses the rum and beer together. The colour is a vibrant red, it has balanced flavours of malty toffee, oak and fruit, finished with a lingering hint of rum and spice. Also from Booths at £2.29 a bottle.

  • Graeme Hedley is sommelier and expert on food and wine at Kendal College’s Lakes Hotel School