Hearty food and wine is the order this week but after lots of full bodied reds I had a new fish pie recipe so I settled on a white.

This unusual South African blend has citrus and white fruit characteristics from the chardonnay, along with apricot and tropical fruits coming from the chenin and grenache blanc blend, providing great complexity and a long silky finish.

South Africa is known for blending its reds typically in a Bordeaux style but this is a rare combination of white grapes that offers something different for those fed up with the usual suspects of chenin or sauvignon blanc styles.

The 2012 vintage is a good one to buy from South Africa as it is one of very few wine producing countries that had a largely successful year as it wasn’t hindered by less than favourable weather.

This wine worked a treat with the fish pie; it would suit creamy chicken dishes as well. Duiker White – Chenin Blanc, Grenache Blanc, Chardonnay, at £9.99 from Majestic Wines.

Faye Ramsey is a wine connoisseur and owner of the Porto Restaurant in Bowness