FOR this week we have a rare red with a full bodied character – Chateau Mukhrani, Saperavi, 2007.

The vineyard was established in 1876, when Ivane Mukhran-batoni returned from France after great wine-making tutorledge in the Bordeaux and Champagne regions. The saperavi grape variety is endemic to Georgia and produces a wine which has wonderful bold flavours.

Twenty per cent of the final blend is separated to mature in French and American oak barrels and is then blended with the major part and prepared for bottling.

This wine matches perfectly with game or red meats. We paired this with local Lakes lamb and added a Moroccan twist the black cherry and mulberry tones with velvety tannins matched the subtle spiced lamb perfectly.

This wine is available from Unsworths Yard, Cartmel priced, £14.99 per bottle.

  • Faye Ramsey is a wine connoisseur and owner of the Porto Restaurant in Bowness