We’re back to the grape this week with a light white. As sweeter varietals seem to be going out of fashion I thought I would look at a nice dry to medium bodied wine – great if you're buying for a sweeter tooth.

We selected this French Kuhlmann-Platz Gewürztraminer 2011 Cave de Hunawihr available from Majestic Wines priced at £9.99 a bottle or £8.99 when buying two or more. With classic characteristics of the Gewürztraminer grape this white is light in body and golden in colour.

The wine has a gently sweet palate yet the firm acidity helps to dry and lengthen the finish. With a flowery bouquet hints of plum and apricot we tried this with a Thai green curry; it would suit most spicy oriental cuisine. This wine is also great value as most good bottles of Gewürztraminer would cost £12 to £15 a bottle.

Faye Ramsey is a wine connoisseur and owner of the Porto Restaurant in Bowness