THE Wheatsheaf at Beetham was the perfect end to a long and frosty walk.

We did feel a little rude walking in with our muddy boots on, as it was elegantly decorated and the carpet looked spotless, but it seemed the walker was welcomed.

The staff were friendly and attentive and the service was swift. Choosing a meal was tough, as what appeared to be the most unbelievable deal was available – if you bought a main course, you could choose both a starter and a dessert for 1p each!

This was extremely tempting and I am sure I could have easily managed a penny-priced fruit crumble, but I decided that actually it was only lunchtime and I would just go for the cream of tomato soup (£4.50).

This was not to be underestimated however. It was beautiful – creamy but full of flavour with a definite kick to it.

The brown bread was equally as delicious although in my opinion there was not enough of it and I found myself stealing the chips and bread of some of the fellow diners in my party.

My partner went for the duck wrap (£6.90), which was sizeable and he could not get over how much meat came with it, along with the side salad.

He also ordered a side of chips, which came on a wooden board in what looked like a mini chip frier. The chips themselves were scrumptious but the quirky presentation made them even more appealing.

The others in our group were equally as satisfied with their choices– with the sausage and caramelised onion wrap in particular going down very well.

The Wheatsheaf was a great surprise find as a spot for lunch and it’s safe to say I will certainly be back to sample the 1p delights.