I MUST have walked past Ruskins Cafe and Bar a thousand times, but have never ventured inside to sample its wares.

Overlooking the Birdcage in Kendal from a first floor on Highgate, the cafe offers prime people viewing, and my colleague Anna and I were happy to kick back and relax there one lunch time.

The restaurant was bright and airy, with local artists’ creations that are for sale adorning the walls.

There wasn’t a massive range of choice on offer for our meal, with the menu confined to one A4 sheet, but there was a selection of sandwiches and hot meals, like home-made casserole, chilli and some vegetarian options.

We both ended up plumping for a toasted panini with tuna and cheese, opting for the naughty extra chips on the side. It was also served with salad.

I had a pot of tea while Anna washed her food down with a coke.

The paninis did exactly what they said on the tin, and the chips and salad portions were easily large enough to fill us up nicely – so much so that we weren’t even slightly tempted by the moreish looking chocolate treats on offer for dessert.

There was a nice atmosphere to the cafe, which feels close to the heart of the town but still away from its bustle.

The girl who looked after us was very friendly and we thought the overall cost was good value for what we had eaten.

Our next step is to return to the bar to try to win the new quiz which has started on Tuesdays.

* The total cost of the meal was £11.40 for two main courses; drinks not included.