A FAVOURITE haunt of mine is a once-ramshackle old pub which was reborn in 2003 in the heart of Lancaster.

The magnificent Sun Hotel and Bar was created by C2 Original Inns, who bought 63 and 65 Church Street and transformed them into a stylish yet rustic venue with some of the finest food and ales.

The platter boards have gained legendary status in the town, allowing customer to mix and match delicious cheeses such as Garstang Blue and Black Wax Full Matured Cheddar with pate, ham or pork pies.

For a change though, I opted for the Pesto Chicken and Mozzarella sandwich on ciabatta, and words cannot explain how tasty it was.

Imagine diving into a clear blue sea in the baking sun, while listening to The Beatles playing live and watching Star Wars and you’re getting close.

You may think I’m going over the top, but sometimes food can hit you in a way you never expected, turning an otherwise ordinary lunchtime into a moment of bliss.

The salad was equally as tasty, and an always essential latte topped it all off a treat.

If TV’s Masterchef host Greg Wallace was eating with me, you could expect him to utter one of his classic lines such as: “As soon as you put that ciabatta in your mouth, the big sweet chicken comes up and gives you a kiss.”

Needless to say, a visit to The Sun is well worth it.