SITTING my Grandma down on a low picnic bench outside of the White Cross pub in Lancaster, I worried the location was not going to suit all ages.

However, once sitting she was quite happy to be outside with the canal by her side and boats regularly passing.

It is a pretty lively pub which seems to be a student hotspot, but despite this there was range of age groups either out drinking or eating.

There was no table service but this fitted in perfectly with the relaxed atmosphere of the place.

I ordered a three bean chilli served with rice, chips and tortilla crisps.

Although this sounds like a lot of food there was small servings of each, resulting in it not being too filling.

My grand had a beef lasagne served with new potatoes and salad, she reported the cheese and the sauce of the meal was tasty but was not ove- impressed with the meat – but as she is a woman of very high expectations this was actually a good review from her.

The pub offers a variety of home-made meals, which you could definitely savour ahead of those pubs who simply serve up microwave mush.

For dessert we shared a sticky toffee pudding which was very tasty but not advisable for people who don’t like very sweet things.