MY GREEK friend lives entirely on frozen meals, bananas and Jaffa Cakes.

It’s hardly high-class, so I was interested to see what a Lancaster restaurant which bases its theme on his home country would serve up.

The Trojan Horse’s terracotta dining room was full of clinking glasses and laughter when me and a friend stepped inside – with not a single orange spongey biscuit in sight.

There is still a rocking horse attached to the building’s front – inherited from the craft and gift shop that once traded there.

But now mermaids are painted across the upstairs walls to give the place an Aegian touch.

North Lancashire’s residents seem to have embraced the venue since its opening, less than a month ago, so they must be doing something right.

Ever the enthusiastic eaters, we were ready to try anything, although we struggled to pronounce a few of dishes on offer.

“Can I have the aubergine one, please?”

“Melitzanes,” our waitress said. “Don’t worry, even I can’t pronounce it properly yet.”

We feasted on a spread of stuffed vine leaves, called Dolmades, olives, crumbly feta on large Greek salads, hot halloumi kebabs and strong Lungo coffees.

Our mixture of mini meze dishes and grills was enough to feed a Trojan army, and its horse, but the bill, including a chilled bottle of pinot grigio, was under £40.

The friendliness of staff and the large choice of food would make this a great venue for a group of friends or workmates – even those of the gourmet-phobic variety.