ON a recent holiday in Spain, I visited many a tapas bar and ended up being, more often than not, disappointed by the fare on offer.

Now, this probably sounds ridiculous, but I think much of that disappointment was due to the meal I enjoyed at 1725 the day before my flight to southern Europe.

Whether or not the food on offer at this delightful Lancaster eaterie is as authentic as the tapas bars I visited in Espana is up for debate, but one thing that cannot be argued is that the food at 1725 is really very tasty indeed.

After years of tapas eating, I’ve come to the conclusion that three is the magic number - three dishes that is. Two is too little and four leaves me a bit too full for my liking.

So my partner and I settled on six dishes between us from the extensive menu.

The beauty of Tapas is that you can stick with a favourite dish, while simultaneously trying new ones.

We chose tortilla Espanola (traditional Spanish omelette with peppers, leeks and potatoes) (£4.45); patatas bravas (fried diced potatoes topped with melted cheese, served with alioli) (£3.65); and albondigas (pork meatballs in a Spanish bravas sauce) (£5.45) - arguably 1725’s best dish; fabida asturiana (homemade bean pot, served with chorizo, pancetta and tomatoes) (£5.45); pollo paprika (oven roasted chicken in a white wine, tomato and paprika sauce) (£5.40); and quesos fritas (a mixture of deep fried cheeses served with chilli dip) (£4.95).

Visit 1725 between midday and 6pm and you can get three dishes for £9.99.

Anyone with a passion for Mediterranean food should call in at 1725.