WE MUST have looked hesitant, although I thought we were just being laid back.

Anyway, the customer who had just emerged from the Cinnamon Spice in Silverdale seemed to think we were unsure about entering because he said to me: “You can’t go wrong in there, mate. It’s the best food around.”

Maybe he was on commission, it’s hard to say, but it turned out that he was telling the truth.

Cinnamon Spice is a pleasantly appointed eating place, which opened less than three months ago.

It is also very obliging for those who like a drop of alcohol with their nosh.

The owners are happy for you to buy your wine or beer from the convenience store next door and there appears to be no corkage charge.

In addition, the restaurant has its own nod to convenience with a cash machine prominently positioned by the payment desk.

This is essential because Cinnamon Spice doesn’t accept credit or debit cards.

So, the place is doing its best to be user friendly.

The only question is: does its culinary attributes live up to same standard?

The answer is ‘yes’.

T’other half and I entered our usual arrangement and shared a starter, veg pakora, which was very tasty while not over-spicy.

Thereafter, we went our separate ways on the mains - yours truly enthusiastically devouring a special balti (a mix of chicken, lamb and prawn with fresh garlic, ginger, tomato, fresh coriander and selected balti spices), while the wife opted for a chicken tikka pasandra (cooked in delicate mild spices with almonds coconut, fresh cream and mango pulp).

The mains were quite filling so we passed on dessert but still left Cinnamon Spice feeling rather pleased with ourselves for finding such a gem.

Total cost of the meal with mineral water: £25.20