HEYSHAM village is a lovely north Lancashire village and worthy of a stop-off at any time – and if you need some refreshments while you are there, I can heartily recommend Curiosity Cafe.

Situated on the corner of Main Street, Curiosity cafe is a quaint and clean cafe, which has a relaxing nautical themed atmosphere.

If you just want coffee and cake there are some mouth-watering options but if it is a filling meal you want then the menu has something for everyone.

Steak baguette, prawn sandwich or tuna mayo jacket? There were plenty of other options, including breakfast buns, but I went for the prawn sandwhich on wholemeal bread, which came with a good-sized salad, crisps and what tasted like home-made coleslaw.

I always judge a sandwich on the amount of the filling first, which in this case was a good amount without slopping out everywhere.

And second comes the sauce in the filling (as I hate soggy sandwiches!), and in this case the prawn sauce was tasty, of a medium consistency and not so strong that it overpowered the prawns.

The cakes looked delicious, but I was stuffed from the sandwich and so had to give it a miss.

It was all washed down with a mocha – which was a good chocolate-coffee mix.