INTERNATIONAL storyteller Cassandra Wye performs the UK premiere of her new Stories under the Stars show on Saturday (August 26, 7pm) around a campfire at one of the Yorkshire Dales most stunning locations, Lower Winskill Farm, Langcliffe, Settle.

Cassandra was a top turn in 2015 at Settle Stories' Star Party, a meeting of storytellers and astronomers.

After leaving Settle, she was awarded an Arts Council Grant which allowed her to fly to the United States and receive training and mentorship from 83-year-old storyteller Lynne Morley, who passed on her stories to Cassandra to ensure they will carry on being told.

Cassandra shares the stories of those who have followed the stars - from sky-maidens looking for love to runaway slaves searching for freedom.

The tales, both wickedly funny and heartbreakingly poignant, have received great praise in America already.

For further information and tickets visit or telephone 05603-84569.