EVERYTHING is organised and ready to go for a concert that will see two South African singers playing in Kendal, all for a good cause.

Felicity Kiran and Lauren-Lee Bock are flying from Cape town in December to do a special concert at the Kendal Leisure Centre. A donation will be made to Kendal organ donors.

The event, which is also focused on local involvement, will see dancers provided by Stagecoach, and choirs from local primary schools - selected by a competition - performing with the singers.

The concert is organised by David Gummers Promotions, who brought Lauren-Lee Bock over the first time. This is Felicity Kiran’s first performance in the UK. She has previously performed in India and Europe.

Mr Gummers said: “Lauren and Felicity are both really looking forward to the gig. I have told them to bring some warm clothes!

“I really wanted to get as many local people involved as possible this time. The generosity that people have shown in agreeing to put the singers up and welcome them to the town has been amazing.

“It would be fantastic to fill the place. There is plenty of opportunity for people to hear their music online before the show.

The show is on December 8, and will be hosted by Bay Radio’s Danny Matthews. Tickets from the Brewery.