NESTLED in the library bookshelves between local history and teenage fiction lies a treatment to cure any ailing music fan. The Vaccines have arrived.

Kicking off the Northern leg of their first tour at Lancaster Library, the Londoners began their set with the ballsy, rock ‘n’ roll, racket of Wreckin Bar (Ra Ra Ra). It’s an impatient beast of a song and it set the tone for an intensely quick and retro-flavoured set.

Highlights come in the form of the mournful rock n’ roll lullaby Blow It Up and the phenomenal two minute pop nugget If You Wanna.

The Vaccines create a sound reminiscent of their obvious heroes – Beach Boys, Phil Spector, Ramones – whilst managing to make it fresh and new.

This is a band to love, a band to hold dear, but a band that essentially make fun, noisy, ephemeral music.

After a summer drenched with the over-the-top self-indulgence of acts like Muse and Biffy Clyro it’s great to hear an uncomplicated band creating tight, lo-fi, rock songs through scuzzy amps.

Ripping through their songs with energy and verve, The Vaccines left the stage after just 25 minutes.

Some fans seemed miffed by the abrupt end but with all the hype surrounding this band it’s unlikely you’ll be able to catch them at a venue this intimate in 12 months time.

Cool, confident and catchy The Vaccines are a great antidote to the winter blues.