Joe Bonamassa: Different Shades of Blue (Mascot/Provogue).

Bonamassa's first solo album sinc 2012's Driving Towards The Daylight is his first to feature all-original material, all penned by the man himself.

There are many so many great tracks on this album.

After a short rock overtue, we reach Oh Beautiful! This is driven by a heavy Jimmy Page-like riff, backed by drums which would not have been out of place on a Led Zeppelin album.

Then there's jazzy, brassy, riff-driven opening of Love A'int A Love Song, which segues into a catchy verse and chorus. The emphasis here is on power rock guitar punctuated with sharp brass attacks which add plenty of funk.

Brass features on other songs too, such as Heartache Follows Wherever I Go, which includes a blistering guitar solo and is my current favourite track.

There are also some bluesy ballads, including the album's title track and the dreamy So What Would I Do, which closes the set.

Overall, there seems less of a feeling of Bonamassa paying tribute to his heroes here than on some previous albums - more a case of a man at the top of his game, confident with creating his own sound and displaying his song-writing ability.