IT’S a case of more of the same from globe-conquering Green Day with their polished punk sound.

Unfortunately this album is over-produced to within an inch of its life, meaning all of the raw energy is lost.

And beneath that sheen, the songs themselves are all a bit predictable and there’s nothing on here that matches their 1994 breakthrough album Dookie.


NOW don’t get me wrong - I admit that these boys can sing.

But it’s painfully obvious that The Overtones are just another manufactured X Factor-esque band and does the world really need another?

The answer is a great big no, especially when they desecrate perfectly good songs such as Runaround Sue and The Glory Of Love. And don’t get me started on their mean and moody posing on the CD cover.....

THE CHEVIN - Borderland

IF they get enough radio play, this Yorkshire quartet could easily become the next big indie-pop band.

With a sound that tips its hat to The Killers and U2, they have already appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman in the USA.

This is an impressive debut which kickstarts in style with Champion, and there’s no reason why this band couldn’t make a long career out of music.