Viewers have praised Scarlett Moffatt’s latest programme for offering an “eye opening” look into our “materialistic” way of life.

The former Gogglebox star and her family lived in a replica of their terraced family home, built in Namibia, alongside the Himba tribe for Channel 4 show The British Tribe Next Door.

Fans of the reality TV star took to Twitter to say the show highlighted how the Moffatt family’s physical possessions did not necessarily make them happy.

One said: “Wow this is so eye opening, we don’t realise what he have until we don’t have it, a brilliant programme.”

Another fan focused on what they thought was the real message of the show.

They said: “People are missing the point re #thebritishtribenextdoor – it’s made me realise how unnecessarily materialistic we are whilst others live in poverty but are happy with basically nothing.

“I will be showing my kids this so they realise how lucky they are!”

One view addressed “the haters” in a post on Twitter.

They said: “For all the haters about #thebritishtribenextdoor seriously have a look at yourself!

“Am totally gripped, love watching the clear cultural differences! @ScarlettMoffatt hats off to you and your family missus.”

Another simply said they were “absolutely mesmerised” by the production.

One avid fan compared Moffatt to Stacey Dooley and suggested she could follow in the documentary-maker and Strictly Come Dancing winner’s footsteps.

They said: “Watching Scarlett and her family on The British Tribe Next Door is amazing. I think Scarlett is the new Stacey Dooley.”

And others found one scene, in which a female member of the Himba tribe sees a mirror for the first time, especially moving.

One viewer said: “Loving this British Tribe Next Door on ch4 with @ScarlettMoffatt and her family! Can’t believe that woman had never seen herself before.”

Another said the programme had helped them learn not to take day-to-day household items for granted.

They said: “Loving it so far. It’s so interesting Things we take for granted a mirror and stairs.”