Former Strictly Come Dancing star Kevin Clifton has said that his girlfriend Stacey Dooley dances more around their flat than he does.

Clifton joked that her habit is getting “annoying” as they continue to live under lockdown measures amid the coronavirus crisis.

The professional dancer, who recently announced his departure from Strictly, gatecrashed Dooley’s live Skype interview with Steph McGovern on her new Channel 4 programme The Steph Show on Tuesday, and the pair talked about how they have been spending their time during isolation.

Stacey Dooley and Kevin Clifton on The Steph Show
Stacey Dooley and Kevin Clifton on The Steph Show (The Steph Show/Channel 4)

The couple, who won Strictly in 2018 when they were partnered together, have been giving dance lessons for friends via social media.

Clifton, 37, said: “It’s Stacey who does more dancing than me, she never stops.

“She puts her music on every day and has a dance round the flat.

“It’s annoying if anything. There’s too much dancing.”

Documentary-maker Dooley, 33, said that she is struggling to stay focused on work and is spending a lot of her time cleaning.

“I procrastinate a lot, I wake up and think I’m going to be so productive,” she said.

“And then I end up cleaning the flat within an inch of its life. Kev’s on the PlayStation…”

Clifton added: “Also being productive with some of the day, not just playing PlayStation.”

Dooley is currently filming a documentary about coronavirus in her kitchen while at home.

She told McGovern: “That’s the premise of this film is that we’re all in lockdown and we’re all in this together and how are we all going to get on with things.

“I’m desperate to get back out there, I’m desperate to just board a plane, even though I’m terrified of flying.

“I have to dig my heels in and hope this will be a good doc and hopefully, what, near at the end of the year I’ll be able to get back out there.”

The Steph Show is on daily at midday on Channel 4, and viewers can catch up on All 4.