Emily Atack has said she is lonely in isolation during the coronavirus crisis and “would give anything to have a row with a husband right now”.

The I’m A Celebrity star and Inbetweeners actress said she finds watching the news “heartbreaking” and the Covid-19 outbreak is “bleak and miserable and awful”.

She told Emma Barnett on BBC Radio 5 Live that videos on social media of families passing the time in isolation by having fun together can be depressing when you are by yourself.

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Remember naughty little Tuesday nights out?

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She said: “With everything that’s happened, it puts you in a different headspace with it all.

“One second I’m flying the flag for single women and everything’s great … and the next minute all this is happening and I want anything but to be on my own.”

She added: “I think at times like this you’ve got to appreciate everything you have, but, you know, I’d give anything to have a row with a husband right now.”

However, she said she realises there are many people much worse off than her, so is working hard to stay positive.

She went on: “Watching the news is just absolutely heartbreaking … so every day my main thing to do is just to look at what I have in my life and the people I have in my life.”

“When I go into my next relationship I want to know that I can rely on my own happiness and not have to rely on a man.”

She added: “I’m just trying to use it all as another way of showing myself that I can cope and that I am capable and I am brave and strong.”