Naomie Harris has said she thinks James Bond films should have a “foot in the past” while still moving with the times.

The actress, 44, is set to return as Miss Moneypenny in No Time To Die, which has had its release date pushed back to April 2021.

She told Tatler that it is important to retain some of the character of the past Bond films.

“It’s a difficult tightrope to walk,” she said.

“You have to honour the Bond of old. If you modernise too quickly, you lose what makes Bond Bond.

“And part of what makes Bond what it is is that foot in the past.

“It has that traditional aspect to it. You have to honour that, I think.

“But then, as well, you have to move with the times.”

No Time To Die was due to be released in April of this year but has now had its release date pushed back twice because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The actress also told the magazine that going to Cambridge University had been “helpful” for her career despite the fact “it was not a particularly pleasant experience”.

“Because, as an actor, a lot of the rooms I’ve been in are with people who’ve been there or to Oxford,” Harris said.

(Txema Yeste/Tatler/PA)

“They might be a completely different generation to me, but it’s a connection.”

Her university education might sometimes have been the reason she has got a job over someone else, she said, adding: “I really believe that sometimes happens.

“I also think it gives you a gravitas in terms of people’s perceptions.

“I’m not saying this is the way things should be, but people do perceive you differently as a result of having gone there.”

It is “particularly” true of women, she said, adding: “People assume, ‘Oh. She’s got a brain’.”

Read the full interview in the December issue of Tatler, available via digital download and on newsstands on Tuesday.