Cups and Trophies
Best floral exhibit, single rose: Ruth Carling. Best exhibit, white onions: Susan Armistead. Best exhibit, bowl of cut flowers: Margaret Haygarth. Best exhibit, Pot Plant: Kathleen Roome. Best exhibit, 3 spikes of Phlox: Linda Ashworth. Best exhibit, Broad Beans: Marion Kirkpatrick. Best exhibit, One Truss Tomatoes: Maureen Dwyer. Best exhibit, Floral Art: Maureen Dwyer. Best exhibit, White Potatoes: Margaret Anderson. Single specimen bloom or spike (excluding roses or gladioli): Jacky Barnicoat-Hood. Any outdoor container, one or more plants: Barbara Dale. Most points, Home Industries: Jacky Barnicoat-Hood. Most points, Members Vegetable Classes: Maureen Dwyer and Stella Hall. Best Horticultural exhibit in Show: Stella Hall. Most points in Show: Maureen Dwyer. Most points, Children’s Section: Noah Huntington. Boys Cup, Children’s Section: Noah Huntington. Best exhibit, any other vegetable: Ian Skillen. Most points in Horticultural Sections: Maureen Dwyer and Stella Hall. Best exhibit, Handicrafts Section: Richard Hunter.

Vegetables & Fruit. Potatoes, kidney, round or oval shape - White: Margaret Anderson. Coloured: Roger Taylor. Onions - White: Susan Armistead. Red: Ian Skillen. Pickling Eschalots: Jean German. Peas: Stella Hall. Broad Beans: Marion Kirkpatrick. French Beans: Maureen Dwyer. Runner Beans: Steve Pepperell. Beetroot: Tim Burnett. Courgettes: Liz Neale. Carrots: Diane Nowell. Vegetable marrow: Mark Ongley. Cucumber: Stella Hall. One Truss Tomatoes: Maureen Dwyer. Tomatoes (not cherry): Maureen Dwyer. Cherry Tomatoes: Stella Hall. Rhubarb: Jean German. Cooking Apples, any variety: Ian Skillen. Dessert Apples, any variety: Keith Hyde. Any Other Fruit: Ian Skillen. Any Other Vegetable: Ruth Carling. Malformed Fruit or Vegetable: Peter Whiteley. Longest runner bean: Grace Lewis.
Flowers & Pot Plants. Single Specimen, bloom or spike (Roses excluded): Jacky Barnicoat-Hood. Single specimen Rose: Ruth Carling. Most fragrant single Rose: Barbara Dale. Spray of Floribunda Roses: Ruth Carling. Three Roses: Ruth Carling. Bowl of Flowers, any cut bloom: Margaret Haygarth.
Bowl of Dahlias, any variety, all round effect: Maureen Dwyer. Bowl of Herbaceous Perennial Flowers: Pat France. Bowl of Sweet Peas and foliage: Maureen Dwyer. Vase Sweet Peas, 12 Heads, mixed: Keith Hyde. Best vase of 12 stems, annuals, mixed or otherwise: Audrey Phillips. Heads of Fuschias, shown in pansy box: Grace Lewis. Sprays of Chrysanthemums: Barbara Dale. Flowering Gladioli: Linda Ashworth. Phlox: Linda Ashworth. Hydrangeas: Lois Neal. Any Annual not scheduled: Maureen Dwyer. Any Perennial not scheduled: Liz Neale. Calendulas: Roger Taylor. Pansies or Violas: Grace Lewis. Collection of cut foliaged, berried or flowering shrubs and/or trees, in a vase: Linda Ashworth.
Pot Plants. Fuschia: Maureen Dwyer. Begonia, Fibrous Rooted: Jacky Barnicoat-Hood. Begonia, Tuberous: Barbara Dale. Impatiens (NGH): Barbara Dale. Pelargonium (Geranium), pot not more than 13cms: Barbara Dale. Pelargonium (Geranium), pot 13 - 25cms: Barbara Dale. African Violet: Audrey Phillips. Fern, any variety: Doreen Crossley. House Plant, Flowering not scheduled: Kathleen Roome. House Plant, Foliage not scheduled: Maureen Taylor. Specimen Herb: Lesley Buswell. Specimen Cactus: Barbara Dale. Specimen Succulent: Liz Neale. Container plant, not trailing or scheduled: Faye Smyth. Any Outdoor Container with one or more plants: Barbara Dale.
Floral Art. ‘Classic Candle’, arrangement of fresh foliage or flowers all green shades and textures (with candle accessory): Jacky Barnicoat-Hood. ‘My favourite colour’ an exhibit of flowers of one colour with natural foliage: Maureen Dwyer. A Lady’s Corsage: Maureen Dwyer. ‘Small is Beautiful’: Maureen Dwyer.
Home Industries. Cookery. White Loaf, hand-kneaded: Linda Ashworth. Brown Loaf, hand-kneaded: Linda Ashworth. Wholemeal Scones: Margaret Anderson. Cheese Scones: Margaret Anderson. Fruit Scones: Ann Hunter. Raspberry Jam: Maureen Dwyer. Blackcurrant Jam: Maureen Dwyer. Jam, any variety: Maureen Dwyer. Lemon Cheese: Alison Ongley. Jelly: Alison Ongley. Marmalade: Jean German. Chutney: Maureen Dwyer. Ginger Biscuits: Maureen Dwyer. Gingerbread: Pat France. Shortbread: Margaret Anderson. Tray Bake: Alice Ashworth. Bakewell Tart: Maureen Dwyer. Apple Pie: Jacky Barnicoat-Hood. Savoury Flan: Margaret Anderson. Decorated Cup Cakes: Maureen Dwyer. Sandwich Cake, any filling (without sugar coating): Margaret Anderson. Chocolate Cake, with filling (without sugar coating): Jennifer Thompson. Fruit Cake (undecorated): Jacky Barnicoat-Hood.
Photography. Wild Flowers: Helen Dodd. A Bridge: Mark Ongley. Yellow flowers, taken 1/8/13: Geoffrey Buswell.
Painting. Fruit or Fruits: Jacky Barnicoat-Hood.
Handicrafts. Christmas Card: Lesley Buswell. Any other Greetings Card: Stella Hall. Poem writing in Calligraphy: Alison Ongley. Beaded Article: Alison Ongley. Article of Embroidery (Original Work): Ann Hunter. Piece of Cross-Stitch: Jane Burnett. Piece of Canvas Work: Ruth Hart. Piece of Patchwork, not bed quilt: Ann Hunter. Hand knitted items-Plain Knit: Joanne Tomlin. Fancy Knit: Joanne Tomlin. Crocheted item: Marjorie Hanson. Cushion: Ruth Hart. Spinning - One hank spun wool,undyed: Alison Ongley. One hank spun wool, dyed: Alison Ongley. Weaving - Small article: Jacky Barnicoat-Hood. Scarf: Alison Ongley. Felted item: Alison Ongley. Hand-made box, any craft, any material: Doreen Oxley. Pottery item: Jacky Barnicoat-Hood. Any article made entirely by hand: Richard Hunter.
Children’s Classes.Caterpillar, made from fruit and vegetables: Noah Huntington.Sprouting seeds in container: Noah Huntington. Garden flowers in jam jar: Sam Turner. Mini garden on base: Joseph Turner.